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Whether your project needs a strategic overhaul, surgical precision, or just a sounding board, there's a service that's right for you.  No project is too complex or problematic.  

Contact me by phone or email, and we can discuss your needs, budget, goals, and how I can help you meet all three.

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COPYEDITING:  Cleaning up grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, parallelism, and semantic errors; formatting manuscripts, standardizing notes, bibliographies, and reference lists; and ensuring that all styling conforms with the Chicago Manual or AP Style, which includes endless details unknown to most authors but demanded by most publishers.  

SUBSTANTIVE LINE EDITING: Heavy editing that addresses pervasive problems in the manuscript or copy; sentences are rephrased to improve clarity and flow, eliminate repetition or awkward wording, and fix disorganized structure. Includes fact-checking, chapter reorganization, phrasing, bias, context, and authorial tone (whether it is patronizing, belligerent, etc.)

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING:  Developmental Editing combines three services into one. First, I evaluate the manuscript in its entirety and identify big-picture areas that need work. For fiction titles, this includes plot, pace, characterization, dialogue, and content in light of genre and audience. For nonfiction titles, this includes scope and appropriateness of content, concept development, material organization, and effectiveness of lists, graphs, and illustrations in light of the project's possible uses. Once these changes have been made, either copyediting or substantive line editing begins, depending on the needs of the manuscript. Finally, I give the manuscript one final review to ensure any subsequent changes by the author are editorially sound before the author begins the submission process.

RESUBMISSIONS: Once the original project has been completed, and returned, and approved, additional edits or rewrites are subject to a resubmission fee.  

PROOFREADING:  Proofreading includes a final check for spelling, punctuation, and general formatting mistakes.

RESEARCH:  For any service, additional research may be needed in order to flesh out or clarify certain elements. Research hours will be identified and approved beforehand when possible.  

WRITTEN MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT W/ ESTIMATE:  I read through the first 50 pages of your manuscript and give you an outlined assessment of needs, including a synopsis, list of strengths and weaknesses, projected edits, areas requiring author participation, and an initial estimate of fees. No changes to price or negotiated terms will be made without contacting you first.

MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION W/ FEEDBACK: After an in-depth study of the manuscript, I give you a thorough analysis of the entire book’s strengths and weaknesses, including detailed comments on story structure, character development, dialogue, setting, prose style, and POV. You receive the written analysis plus a one-hour phone or Skype conference. The evaluation process usually takes three to eight weeks, depending upon manuscript length and scheduling.

ASSESSMENT REBATE W/ EVALUATION OR EDITING:  Should you sign a contract for editing services after receiving your assessment, the assessment fee is rebated as a credit toward your total.  


  • For editing projects totaling less than $1000, payment in full is required prior to the start of services. For editing projects totaling exceeding $1000, one half of the fee is required up front, with the balance due upon completion.

  • Submissions must be 12-point size, Times New Roman or Arial font, with one-inch margins, and accompanied by payment.

  • Please include a brief (one or two paragraph) synopsis of your manuscript.

  • Manuscripts may be submitted in either MS Word or Google Doc form (please see the FAQs page for more details on file formats.)