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"Ms. James was an invaluable asset in the review and modification of my manuscript. She has a keen eye for the nuances of the language, the place and role of individual words and sentence units, and the flow of the narrative.

Her attention to the larger framework of the manuscript structure and its individual components is impressive. I have found Ms. James to be diligent in her approach, easily accessible, responsive to all questions, and convincing in her recommendations. I would not hesitate to work with her again in a new endeavor."

~ Chris Rossbach, Pediatric Oncologist, author of Red Dragonflies and other Postcards from Heaven

"I have worked with Emily for over a decade.  She has an amazing talent for taking an idea and putting it into the perfect words. After collaborating with her on several projects, I am always impressed by how effective of an editor she is, but even more with how she can really listen to my story or speech and help me put it into beautiful writing.  Because of this innate ability, every project she takes in hand becomes successful."  

Dannah Hosford, Media Specialist, Writer, and California Policy Advocate  

I worked with Emily for my debut novel. Her input and attention to detail was exceptional. She was patient and took the trouble to go the extra mile in suggesting much needed edits and improvements. I would absolutely avail of her services for my next book. It is not often you find a professional editor that can edit and enhance your work without changing your voice. Highly recommended.

~ L.M. Valiram, author of Part Star, Part Dust


"Emily is an excellent editor and writing coach. Through her instruction and coaching, my writing skills have drastically improved, and she has really helped me discover my own voice.  Without Emily, my manuscript would not have been accepted by my publisher, and I heartily recommend her to any writer, new or established.  I could not imagine doing my next book without her somehow involved."

~ Nathaniel Palmer, author of top-selling book Servanthood as Worship: The Privilege of Life in the Local Church


"With her sharp insights and expertise, Emily helped me develop exactly what I wanted to say. She is not just a simple copyeditor, but an expert when it comes to clarity, style, voice, and engaging the reader. I am  profoundly grateful for her guidance. If you have something to say and need help getting it right, Emily should be your first choice."  

~ Krysti Seay, Entrepreneur


"I have Emily to thank for opening my eyes to the world of literature. Her patient instruction and guidance has made a huge impact on both my writing ability and my life."  

~ Paul Holland, Student and aspiring author


"I was facing an immovable deadline on a big, multi-language project and was running out of time and patience, so I turned to Emily James for help.  She was able to turn a halting, at times incomprehensible translation into smooth, easily understood language, and was available for every one of my questions during final redrafts.  She even conferenced with me for over three hours to ensure that the translations were consistent--and all under deadline!  I highly recommend her services." 

~ Cira Peacock, Spanish Court Interpreter and translator of The Creation and Implementation of Municipal Violence Prevention Committees in Central America


"Emily did an excellent job at streamlining my story and piecing it back together. I was amazed at how she was able to cut away unnecessary details, while treating the story and characters with respect.  She seemed to get into the mind of each character; I feel like she performed surgery and feel all the better for it.   And thanks for the ending.  The final product was fantastic!" 

~ Bruce Caprio, author of The Illumination


"My resolve to employ Emily James came easily and continues to be confirmed project by project. Emily’s value as an editor goes well beyond merely catching typographical errors and fixing sentence-level issues; I have gained immense knowledge from her constructive feedback and greatly appreciate her candor as well as her accessibility.  I respect her constant professionalism, her command of the English language, and her seasoned writing and editing expertise. Without hesitation, I can enthusiastically endorse her for any writing or editing project--large or small."

~ Kristi Winkler, Curriculum Developer and contributing writer for Sharefaith Magazine