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Congratulations!  You've written your masterpiece.  It's taken weeks, months--maybe even years. But something's missing, that "oomph" you need to take it further.   Maybe you've had friends and family proof it, but their feedback just isn't enough.  Maybe you've already submitted it, but keep getting rejected.  Whatever the reason, you know that you need help.

But you don't want to hand it over to someone who's just going to give it a quick glance or who'll cut the heart and soul out of your work to suit their own tastes. You need someone who can work with you, an expert who will really listen to what you're trying to say--someone who can see your vision and help you realize it. 

Professional editing gives you the edge over other authors competing in the market, and submitting the best possible version of your manuscript makes publication far more likely. Wisdom tells us to leave everything better than we found it.  Shouldn't that be doubly true for your words? 

You have a unique vision.  Make your voice heard.